Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Review on Blogs: The Good, The Bad and The Favorite

After reading most of our class blogs, I think that as a whole, they are all good and are very unique to each person’s individual ideas. I think it is interesting as we are all in the same class, participate in the same discussions and yet all come away with very different perceptions and ideas.  That being said, a couple stood out…


I enjoy the blog From Grimm to Disney (HK). Although the posts are generally rather long, they contain a lot of information and specificity that makes them interesting. There is also use of images to provide visual interest and metaphors that connect to both the images and the concepts introduced in the blog which help make the blog itself easier to understand and more interesting to read.

Bad (Improvable):

I believe that the Blog FYS From Grimm to Disney (BV) could use some work to be improved. The blogs are very short and could add more content and detail to make the blog more intellectually interesting as well as add images or other forms of media to improve the blog's overall visual interest.

Favorite Entry:

My favorite entry is Blog Entry 4 in FYS: Disney to Grimm (DN). I thought it was very cool how they incorporated a real life example of the 'rags to riches' rise tale in the form of Catherine I. It really illustrated the point being made and showed that it was not only a matter of opinion that someone could rise from rags to riches, but that someone actually did.

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