Sunday, November 30, 2014

....And then it ends

The girl looked at her computer screen and sighed, it was time for her very last blog entry. It was strange to think that her FYS was ending; after all it was only like October- right? All denial of the class she loved ending aside however, she really had learned a lot in her FYS and had come a long way in how she viewed fairy tales.

Some of the most memorable things she had learned involved Bruno Bettelheim and his...interesting interpretations of the symbols in fairy tales. Namely that pretty much everything relates to sex or sexual maturity in some way. It was slightly weird for her to learn that the tales she had heard or watched as a kid involved so many sexual themes and ideas.

She also had loved learning new tales and not only the ones that are well known and even though the class did not solely study Grimm tales that were turned into Disney movies, she liked learning about the less well known tales and seeing less well known movie adaptations of these tales. It was interesting to see how the movies changed the different tales and to identify why they made these changes. Usually it was to make the tale more appropriate for children or more conforming to the zeitgeist. 

In learning about the tales and their deeper meanings, she learned how to better analyze fairy tales and other texts to find lessons and metaphors that are not immediately apparent. She also learned that fairy tales have other uses than just being used as lessons for children. They are, for instance, very useful in therapy in helping the patient to identify their problem and potentially figure out a solution to it with the help of the therapist.

She also became a better writer through the essays assigned. She needed to think in a different way to be able to successfully write the first one and through that, applied what she had learned in class to be able to find meanings in something she initially thought she would be unable to analyze. She learned to be concise in her essays, to get her point across without being overly wordy. She also learned that specificity is an important part of essays to be better able to illustrate a point.

 The most important thing she had learned however was that a group of strangers thrown together for a class could end up being a lot closer than they ever would expect. Even though an almost ridiculous amount of things happened to this group, they would support each other and end up being similar to a family. In talking with her friends in other FYS’s, she learned that she had a very special FYS and that not all the FYS’s were as close as hers. She would always be thankful and feel lucky that she had been put in this FYS with the all the amazing people she met and although it was sad to be leaving, she would not have changed any of it.

And she lived happily ever after.....well after finals anyway.

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