Sunday, November 2, 2014

"Grandmother what big....."

The comic by Chris Hallbeck depicts the classic exchange between Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf she believes is her grandmother, but with a bit of a twist. Instead of responding in a way that would imply that the wolf was going to eat Little Red, his responses deviate, given the more comments she makes. By the end, it almost appears that the wolf actually is her grandmother or has at least taken on the characteristics of her.

I personally like the cartoon because I think it's a funny take on what the response would be if the wolf actually was her grandmother or forgot that he was acting to be able to eat Little Red. I think it shows an interesting perspective of what would happen if the wolf had lost focus on his ultimate goal of eating Little Red along with her grandmother. I thought it was amusing how the wolf became so focused on tricking Little Red, that at the end, he became more of the indignant grandmother instead of the big, bad, scary creature he was supposed to represent. It shows how in acting like someone or something else, you can actually take on some of the characteristics and ideas of them. It was also interesting how it showed how her grandmother probably would have responded if Little Red had just walked in and started making her observations.

Overall, I thought the comic was funny and showed a different way that the conversation could have ended, especially if the wolf became sidetracked by Little Red’s comments.


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