Sunday, November 23, 2014

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let down your....key?

The comic I chose was drawn by Norman Jung. It depicts Rapunzel throwing the key down  the tower to the prince, but he accidently gets hit on the head and gets knocked out at the base of the tower.

It is sometimes wondered how Rapunzel did not know about the secret stairs that Mother Gothel would have had to use until she was old enough to  pull her up and her hair was long enough. This comic shows a humorous idea of what could have happened even if she had known about it and the potential problems that could have stemmed from that.

If the story had been depicted in a way similar to the cartoon, it would have been very different and potentially a lot shorter. If the key hit the prince on the head and killed him, then presumably Rapunzel could have lost her only way out of the tower. It also raises the question of why she could not just go down and unlock the door from the other side. It also shows that the traditional way of getting into the tower, Rapunzel's hair, is potentially a better way because even though it is awkward and time consuming, the prince would not get knocked out from something falling on his head. The cartoon does not make any mention of the witch or even imply of her. In contrast, Rapunzel is the one who has the power to get into the tower through her possession of the key. This could also imply that she has the power to leave, however she, for some reason, cannot let herself out of the tower and needs the prince to let her out.

The cartoon by Norman Jung shows a very different idea of what could have happened in the tale of Rapunzel and how even though we sometimes question why she did not find the door earlier and use it, the traditional way of the story can work better.


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